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Author: Scott Beilke

Listen for Understanding

(or, it’s never too late to learn something you thought you already knew!) I have a passion – more than one, actually, but the one I’m

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Respect Yourself

You matter. You are valuable. You are worthy of respect. Can you look yourself in the eye and tell yourself, “I respect you?” Here are three

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lead or follow

Are You Really a Leader?

An overwhelming amount of information has been written about leadership. What about followership?  If you don’t have followers, are you really a leader?  As a leader

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Listen to Lead Better

Have you noticed that communication skills are usually focused on how to speak or present? The other side of communication is listening. According to research, in

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leadership thoughts

3 Thoughts on Leadership

The critical leadership activities that cannot be delegated are NEXT, NOW to NEXT and WHO and HOW: NEXT – this is the future state, the vision,

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Lessons from the Trail

Hiking the Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Trail gave us some thoughts to share with you from the Red Rocks of Sedona. This isn’t about the

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Get off the Merry-go-round

Have you ever been in a conversation where it goes in circles or a meeting where participants never reach a conclusion, solve the issue or agree

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change succeed

4 Tips to Succeed When Leading at the Pace of Change

Would you say the pace of change has increased, decreased or remained the same? Your perception matters and it impacts every facet of your leadership. …

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strategies of successful leaders

Strategies of Successful Leaders

Over the last few weeks we recorded a series of videos addressing leadership challenges identified by members of the group Scott mentors from the Executive’s …

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lead with purpose

3 Ways to Lead With Purpose

We are celebrating Freedom week in honor of the Rebel Leader Community launch. You are free to lead with purpose is the theme of today’s …

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A curious leader

The Case for Curious Leadership

Nothing new comes from the status quo. There is no new awareness, no problem solving, no value creation, no innovation and no adaptability without asking …

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