Get Lasting Impact from Your Offsite

Get beyond operational tactics and have the strategic conversations you need to succeed.

Invest in Your Future

U.S. companies collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars on team offsites every year because they know that when you have the right people in the same space for a protected block of time, amazing things can happen.

Unfortunately, many people who are given the responsibility for planning an offsite don’t have the expertise or the time to make the most of the opportunity.

We can help, starting with your answer to a very important question:

What does success look like?

These are objectives our clients tell us are important.
Which are most essential to your success?

offsites 2

Get on the same page

OCC important work

Get important work done

offsites 3

Build teamwork and increase capability

We focus your offsite around the results you need

  • Get your people asking the big questions, talking about important ideas, and working together to solve problems.
  • Bring out your leaders’ best with workshops focused on the practices and skills needed to achieve your company’s big, audacious goals.
  • Energize your team with a renewed sense of purpose.

Our offsites have side benefits.

Many of the real benefits of a well-crafted offsite come from the unscripted connections that happen alongside the agenda. Things like:

While your people work on “whole-organization” issues, they learn to work together toward shared goals.  

Strong work relationships are critical for business success. When peers connect beyond the workplace, they get to know each other as individuals rather than workmates. They build trust—and trusting each other, deeply, is the foundation for a great performing team.

Getting out from behind the boardroom table gives leaders fresh perspectives on common issues—facilitating bold new ideas and innovation.

Participants can explore new ideas and share feelings that just don’t come up in task-related meetings.

Offsites are great for building skills individuals might struggle with. Whether it’s how to coach staff members, having difficult conversations, or boosting team performance, it’s a chance to build your team’s strengths.

A change of environment often helps people show a new side of themselves. Open their eyes (and yours) to the talents they aren’t using “back at the office.”

So often, leadership teams aren’t really a team. They’re just a group of leaders who meet once a week. Offsites can transform leadership groups into leadership teams far quicker than any number of onsite meetings can achieve.

Set your agenda for success

Don’t waste time and resources on a poorly run offsite. Give your people exactly what they need to change the game for your organization. Fast.

Our extraordinary facilitators are certified, experienced executive coaches who use engaging but practical, data-based processes to deliver the tangible behavior shifts that move teams—and organizations—forward.

And if it’s the right fit for your group we might just have some fun with our Leadership Uncorked approach!

Ready for renewed purpose? Let's talk Leadership Offsites!

Unlock your team’s potential & move your organization fearlessly forward with an offsite that exceeds your objectives.

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