Catalyst Questions for Leaders

All growth and change starts by asking questions...what questions will you ask?

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Leadership Questions

In a world of constant change, how do you maintain your edge?

How do you lead well while executing your strategy and keeping your people engaged?​

Use powerful questions; they make all the difference in successful leadership.

Why Asking Questions Works

Questions open the mind and create new possibilities. They are the best way to gain deeper insights and develop more innovative solutions – and especially during times of change, questions can keep your team members united and circumvent resistance.

Asking Good Questions:

Every card-carrying member of “Teller’s Anonymous” needs to use this Question Deck!
Bob Tiede
Bob Tiede
Blogger at & Charter Member of 'Teller's Anonymous'

How to use Catalyst Questions

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Step One

Order a set of Catalyst Question Cards below. With your order we will include our Guide for Suggested Use.


Step Two

Download the one-page user’s guide describing the 7 C’s of the Art of Inquiry. Click the CLOUD above for your copy now.

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Step Three

Watch your team become more engaged and empowered, and your leadership effectiveness increase dramatically.

Comments from a few fans

I love these cards. They remind me to ask more than tell. Focusing on asking questions rather than solving everyone’s problems or pointing out their issues has improved working relationships and is empowering to my team.
Ann Gonzalez
Vice President - Strategic Development
I love the card deck of questions. I carry them with me. I have them on my desk. They are great at prompting me to ask appropriate and timely questions as a leader.
Curt Beilke
CEO Timber Ford & Beilke Investments
Asking questions plays a key role for me as a leader. The deck of Empowering Questions helped me as a leader to think strategically and were pivotal in helping to encourage conversations with my direct reports and push toward solutions.
Duane Zook
CEO Josh McDowell Ministry

WHY will Catalyst Questions help me be a better leader?

Think about your last leadership team meeting. How would you evaluate the outcomes? What was the ratio of asking versus telling? Imagine if you asked more questions and listened deeply for most of the meeting. How would that change your impact and the experience of your leadership team?

As a leader, your focus should be less on sharing what you know and more about how you challenge and inspire those around you. You don’t need to have all the answers. The reality is that your organization is much more purposeful, focused and ultimately successful when you are open to finding solutions with your team. Questions help you uncover the challenges you’re facing, ensure that you and your team are aligned on the issues, generate better solutions to address those problems, and motivate your people to act on them.

Read more: Why Questions Make You a Better Leader

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Frequently Asked Questions

While we are firm believers in the power of questions in any situation, this set is designed specifically with leaders in mind. This means anyone who is influencing others to act, whether you are at a senior level or a newly promoted manager. If you work with others and want to increase your effectiveness, get this deck today!

Catalyst Leadership Question Cards is a curated collection of 53 questions in 6 themes:

  • Reflection
  • Empowering/Coaching
  • Making Decisions
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Thinking Big
  • Use Frequently
Anywhere you’re in contact with colleagues, clients or team members! Team meetings, one-on-one’s…building the habit of inquiry will serve you in all settings and situations.
As often as possible! The goal is for curiosity to become a habit, and any interaction is a great opportunity to ask a great question. Here are some ways to use the deck:
  • Choose a focus question of the day and keep it visible/accessible so you remember to ask it
  • Sort through the deck before a team meeting or one-on-one and select a few questions to guide your interaction
  • Create a question board where you pose a new question each week and encourage team members to contribute their thoughts
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