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Author: Scott Beilke

Trust Truisms

Are you intentional about building trust?  Do you know what breaks trust? How do you repair broken trust? We are going to explore these questions over

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Commitment to Change

Does commitment really matter?  Last week we were with a group of change agents who were wrestling with this question. During times of change is compliance

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Collaboration is the New Teamwork

When we hear the statement, “we need to improve teamwork,” it generally means “we need to collaborate better.” Collaboration occurs when individuals work together toward a

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Beyond Happiness

Happiness is fleeting and a really poor way to evaluate your life. Many people think that happiness, wealth or success is what matters. According to the

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Get Tickled

How often do you laugh? Dr. Michael Titze, a German psychologist, tells us that in the 1950’s people used to laugh 18 minutes a day. Today

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Reduce Mental Friction

During times of change a leader will always encounter mental friction.  This is the resistance the new belief or thinking encounters when moving over the current

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You, A Change Leader

Whether change is initiated by you or imposed on you, your challenge is to lead well. As John Kotter says, leadership is about change and management

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Leading Through Change

The pace of change is increasing. Whether you look at technology, society or culture, the speed of change is accelerating. The Did you Know  video captures

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Peak Performance

How do you define performance? According to Merriam-Webster it’s the execution of an action or something accomplished. Are you operating at Peak Performance? To move from

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What's Stopping You?

It’s useful to periodically stop and evaluate where you want to go and what’s stopping you from getting there. You know the actions and habits that

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