Lessons from the Trail

Hiking the Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Trail gave us some thoughts to share with you from the Red Rocks of Sedona. This isn’t about the vortexes, it’s leadership insight from the trail!

View from Bell Rock, Sedona AZ

Pick the path. There are always lots of options. While a good path is important, it’s the execution that matters more. So be bold, choose your path and start walking.

Be Prepared. It’s amazing how many people on the trail do not bring water or wear appropriate shoes. We’ve seen flip flops on the hiking trail! As you journey along your chosen path, prepare with the right equipment. When we talk about strategy, we equate it with clarity on how you win. You can’t win unless you know which game you are playing. Once you know the game, you can be prepared with the right equipment.
Expect changes. There are ups and downs. The terrain changes. There were parts of the trail in blazing sun, other parts in deep shade. There were river beds and steep scrambles up rock faces. As the path changes, don’t be surprised. Adapt as make your way along the path.
Stay alert. The path isn’t always clearly marked. At times, there is uncertainty about the right direction. Remaining fully present enabled us to tap into our experience, knowledge, skill, and sometimes, even our courage (Donna doesn’t like heights.) There were times that we could have missed the trail. Stay alert so that you make the decisions that keep you on the intended path.
Take chances. There was a path that offered the option to hike up Bell Rock. It was steep, full of scrambles but at the top were unbelievable red rock vistas. We took a chance on a detour, it paid off in spectacular views.
Finish the Mission. After heading down Bell Rock, we could have gone back the way we came from. We opted to complete the hike and make the full loop around both Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. When you pick your path, stay committed and complete what you started.
That’s the wisdom we wanted to share with you from the trails.

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