Strategies of Successful Leaders

Over the last few weeks we recorded a series of videos addressing leadership challenges identified by members of the group Scott mentors from the Executive’s Club of Chicago. Can you relate to any of these challenges? Watch the clips below to hear the strategies I share for overcoming each of them.

In this first video, learn 2 practices that will help you own your leadership and stop being disregarded or criticized for sharing your thoughts. Your voice is worth listening to. Apply these tips to transform your communication impact and your internal talk track:

One of the top frustrations in organizations is the lack of development. Instead of hoping that your organization defines a career path for you, seize control and decide your future. Here I offer suggestions for developing your unique DNA – that’s Dynamic Natural Ability. Create your future and build a leadership learning path that is right for you:

As you define your unique leadership learning path based on your DNA – do you really have to conform? Who gets to decide the kind of leader you are going to be? If you’ve ever been frustrated by or forced to conform to someone else’s leadership mold, in this clip I share more about owning your leadership and living in alignment with your leadership intent and definition:

We believe your best defense against the demands of conformity is to get clear and strong in your leadership voice. I wrote a book that walks through the process of aligning your internal voice and external expression so that your authentic voice is heard. Leaders who have a strong, clear voice achieve results, make a positive impact and fully live into their potential. You can find the book here.

Rebel Leaders believe so strongly in themselves and their abilities that they rise above other people’s limiting leadership models. If you identify as a rebel leader, what practices have you put in place to ensure that you stay strong in who you are and how you lead?

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