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‘Tis the Season for Conversation!

The holiday season brings many occasions to talk with people you don’t often connect with. How skilled are you at the art of good conversation? …

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maximize gratitude

5 Ways to Maximize Your Gratitude

Research has established that by practicing gratitude we can handle stress better. By acknowledging and appreciating the good things in …

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Increase Change Effectiveness with Gratitude

Are you familiar with the statistic about how often organizational change efforts fail? Regardless of the reason, the reality is…change …

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Are Your Emails Getting Through?

Many leaders assume that once they’ve sent an email, the message has been communicated. You might be surprised to find …

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Case for Change Part III: Reinforcement

So you’ve created context, communicated clearly about the why, what and WIIFM of the change, and inspired your team with …

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Part II – Reality Check

Thoughtful and intentional leadership is essential to successfully guide teams through change. Last week we discussed the importance of creating …

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effective change

The Secret of Effective Change Leader Communication

Leaders make change and must constantly develop the skills of change leadership to help them set vision, inspire others to …

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change leadership

Effective Change Leadership

We know that leadership is very much related to change. As the pace of change accelerates, there is naturally a …

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How to Make Learning Stick

How well do you retain what you learn? Workshops, classes, books and podcasts are great sources of information, but without …

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gratitude day

SPECIAL EDITION: World Gratitude Day

Do you have a culture of recognition and appreciation in your workplace? Amidst the shifts and extra challenges the past …

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Leaders are Readers – 6 Ways to Maximize Your Time

Last week we discussed the importance of a learning strategy. Once you know your targeted topic, here are some ways …

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learning well

STOP – in the name of learning well…

Do you suffer from random acts of learning? We love to learn but made a commitment to learning with purpose. …

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learning leadership

Learning and Leadership

We believe that learning is essential to leadership. In fact, we frequently say, “leaders are readers!” Whether or not you …

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conflict watch-outs

3 Conflict Watch-outs

Not all conflict is good conflict. Not all conflict is bad conflict. Get clear on the differences between constructive conflict …

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What is the Best Way to Approach Conflict?

Last week we outlined the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes. These 5 approaches to conflict represent various ratios of assertiveness and cooperativeness …

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What is Your Conflict Style?

Workplace conflicts are a natural part of working with other people. As a leader, it is your responsibility to help …

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Is conflict good or bad – or are there different types of conflict? How do you handle conflict? Most of …

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What is Your Visibility Strategy?

We recently talked with Nidhi, one of our TTT readers, who asked us about the topic of visibility. She is …

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What did we decide?

Yesterday I talked with a CEO who is dealing with warring executives on the leadership team. They have settled into …

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