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We’ve been working with leaders of organizations of all types and sizes for decades. While each leader and every team is unique, some of the core challenges are universal. We believe that you deserve to have all the support you need to succeed at exponentially higher levels, and we’ve developed these tools to help you be your brilliant best.

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Catalyst Questions for Leaders

Great leaders empower their teams by asking great questions. Build the habit of inquiry with this deck of curated question cards.


Your Leadership Voice

Defy the default! If you are ready to grow and develop yourself into all you know you can be as a leader, this self-guided workbook is for you.

Culturally Intelligent Change

Ignoring the "people" side of change doesn't work. Incorporating a Culturally Intelligent Change approach will increase your chances of success.

managing change

Managing Change

Donna created this LinkedIn Learning course for managers who are guiding a team through organizational change.

change leader

Change Leader's Toolkit

A simple, structured resource to help you track, assess and effectively support changes that affect your team.

culture activators

5 Culture Activators

Discover how understanding and shaping your organization's culture can be the key to unlocking your team's potential.

Tuesday tip

Tuesday's Tremendous Tip

Subscribe to our weekly Tip with actionable insights to uplevel your life and your leadership.

Brighton videos

YouTube Channel

Short videos to educate and inspire with topics ranging from asking great questions to managing change.

Leadership Resources

effective meetings

Hold Effective Meetings

Ensure that meetings are a good use of your team's time by structuring effective meetings that maximize the outcomes.

defining goals

Defining W3 Goals

Use this worksheet to clarify the WHAT, WHEN and WHO to ensure alignment and achieve your team’s goals.

virtual work

Virtual Work Success Checklist

Assess the 6 key areas of successful virtual work, target the areas for improvement and optimize your virtual work experience.

Values refresh

Organizational Values Refresh

Whether you need to evaluate existing values or you’re defining them for the first time, this guide walks you through the process. You'll determine your most impactful values, create meaningful statements and identify behaviors that build a foundation for success.

m&A Culture Flashpoints

M&A Culture Flashpoints

Culture flashpoints emerge during a merger or acquisition when insufficient attention is given to identifying the organizational behaviors that need to be sustained or changed. Here are some ways to preserve and maximize the value of M&A's through intentional acculturation.

Change management.dlh

Change Management

Change is inevitable, not an option. Change Management (CM) is an excellent way to navigate change with the least amount of disruption, yet is frequently overlooked as a necessary business capability. Here is an overview of change management principles.

Personal Growth Resources

smart conversations

SmartStart Conversations

Build the foundation for successful working relationships by beginning with positive connection and mutual understanding. Use this template to outline a great conversation.

executive coaching

What is Coaching?

Have you considered hiring a coach to take you to the next level? Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process to unlock your potential and maximize your performance.

year in review

Year in Review

Take the time to reflect on the year gone by. You'll document the story of your life and have data on which to base your goals and resolutions! We use this template to close out each year.

Tuesday's Tremendous Tip

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