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leadership trends

Intriguing Trends in Leadership

Over the past year we’ve worked with several leadership teams as they’ve faced leadership tribulations and transitions. Two consistent frustrations we’ve observed are the lack of

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Busting Generational Bias

Did you know that there are currently five generations represented in the workplace? There has been a lot of negative stereotyping about Millennials. Are they really as

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one on one meetings

Magical 1:1 Meetings

One of the most critical leadership practices is holding regular 1:1 meetings with your direct reports. Exceptional 1:1 meetings enable leaders to remain on the same

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Team 2.0

When is the last time you “upgraded your team?” We’re not talking swapping people out, we’re talking about evaluating and updating the way that you work

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Be Nice…why, and how…

One of the shocking things we discovered from a Global Leadership Summit presentation was the rampant rise in workplace incivility. Considering what we read in newspapers

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