3 Steps to Get Set For Success

The one process that we use repeatedly is the 3 Steps to Success. Whether it’s a big complex situation or something simple, this works!

  1. Know your starting position – What is present and possible? Essentially this is a current state analysis. In our experience, people think they are all starting from the same place, but we have not worked with any team whose members had the same understanding of their starting position. You cannot finish together if you don’t begin together. This step answers the question “Where are you?
  1. Define success in 3D – Focus the energy and effort of the team so that everyone moves in the same direction. While there is a lot written about the importance of measuring success, we believe in going beyond a simple metric. Imagine filming a movie of the experience of the desired future. What will this feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like or look like when it’s stupendously successful? Imagine and define a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experience of the future and then communicate it to everyone. (We discussed this in more detail here). This step answers the question “Where are you going?”

  2. Shape the path – This is the plan to get from A to B, or in this case, from where you are to where you are going. It’s essential to get everyone engaged in executing the plan, following the path and achieving success. While it’s easy to define a plan, the key to this step is clearing the path. Make it easy to follow. All change must involve the team, not be imposed on the team. This step answers the question “How will you get there?”

For those of you who have been in consulting, this probably seems familiar. Sometimes this process is called a “gap analysis.” We reframed the process from looking for gaps to actually creating a path forward.

Let us know how you apply this process and Get Set for Success.

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