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triumphant teams

Triumphant Teams

How often do you celebrate success? This is one of the most underutilized motivational levers for teams. TRIUMPHANT = achieving victory or success Your brain appreciates

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team or group

Team or TINO?

Everyone is part of a team. Whether it’s a project team, a leadership team, a sports team, a volunteer team, or even a band, you are

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The Wisdom of Teams

There is a lot written about teams because it’s the people structure in which most work gets done. We are going to be writing a series

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lead or follow

Are You Really a Leader?

An overwhelming amount of information has been written about leadership. What about followership?  If you don’t have followers, are you really a leader?  As a leader

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Change Challenge #4

How do you remain authentic when you are responsible for leading change but you do not agree with it, or don’t feel comfortable supporting the change?

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Change Challenge #3

When the Change Relay Race (see Change Challenge #1) happens, there is often a lack of clarity about the change as it gets communicated through the organization.

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A Challenge of Change

Have you become exhausted by the Relay Race of Change? What is it? The Relay Race of Change occurs when leaders have an idea and decide

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leadership trends

Intriguing Trends in Leadership

Over the past year we’ve worked with several leadership teams as they’ve faced leadership tribulations and transitions. Two consistent frustrations we’ve observed are the lack of

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