A Powerful Personal Purpose

A foundational element of defining Your Leadership Voice is creating a powerful personal purpose or life purpose.

Your life purpose is your ‘why’. This is about your whole life, both personal and professional. Purpose serves as a compass to guide your life and ensure that you don’t get off course.

Success requires future focus. Wallowing in regrets or allowing mistakes to derail you creates disruption in your forward progress. A clear Life Purpose statement enables focus on the end game. It recalibrates mistakes as what they are: a part of life and a learning experience. It helps you push your boundaries and do things that you would not otherwise have done, thus avoiding being stuck in your comfort zone.

Your Life Purpose statement guides the choices you make about your career, future, and family. It serves as a reference point for your decisions as you navigate through the sea of endless options.

Your Life Purpose statement is the story of the impact you will make on the world. It creates perspective and serves as a light that shines through the darkness, illuminating your unique path. It provides a map that shows you how to reach the summit of your dreams.

If you haven’t taken the time to define a powerful personal purpose, check out the Rebel Leader’s Field Guide book resources and follow the two steps explained in the Purpose Statement worksheet.

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