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4 Ways to Prevent a Conflict Catastrophe

Conflict, misunderstandings, disagreements: these are all a part of working with people who are different than we are. Why can’t we all just get along? …

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YOUR Leadership Manifesto

The world is hungry for heroes, leaders who are not just great, but also good. Create a leadership manifesto to …

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Ctrl + Alt + FOCUS: Reboot Your Results

Are you getting the results you want? Would you like to increase your effectiveness? Just Ctrl + Alt + FOCUS: …

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Six Strategies for Resilience

Any time we are faced with difficulties, there is a process we must go through to adjust. The question is, …

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Listen for Understanding

(or, it’s never too late to learn something you thought you already knew!) I have a passion – more than …

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reflect or ruminate

A Goldilocks Leadership Conundrum

Last post we talked about the five facets of resilient leadership. One of the facets was: No Rumination. Going over …

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resilient leadership

5 Facets of Resilient Leadership

Leadership is an action not a position.Resilience is the ability to bounce back or recover from something quickly. Resilient Leadership …

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morning routine

Morning Routines of Productive Leaders

How do you begin your day? Are you intentional about the steps to success you take each morning? Have you …

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create conflict

3 Ways that Leaders Create Conflict

Leaders don’t intentionally create conflict. However, because conflict can impair team dynamics and destructively affect the inter-workings of the team, …

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Secrets of Successful Leaders

Some quotes to inspire you: Just because you are CEO, don’t think you have landed. You must continually increase your …

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building trust

3 Thoughts on Trust Building

Relationships are complex. So is the trust building process. Trust is based on who you are; trust is demonstrated by …

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trust characterisics

Three Truths About Trust

Are you intentional about building trust?  Do you know what breaks trust? How do you repair broken trust? We are …

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Vacation Zen

How long does it take for the feeling of peace and contentment to evaporate after a good vacation? If you’re …

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3 Keys to Making the Most of Your Vacation

This is the time of year that many people go on holiday or vacation. Other than planning where to go …

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use your freedom

4 Ways to Practice Freedom

No matter where you live, you have freedom. This is defined as, “the power or right to act, speak, or …

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Respect Others (even those you don’t agree with)

What is your philosophy on respect? Do you give it freely, or do you demand that someone meet an arbitrary …

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Respect Yourself

You matter. You are valuable. You are worthy of respect. Can you look yourself in the eye and tell yourself, …

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define respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T…how do You Define Respect?

How do you define respect? This is something everyone wants, and everyone defines differently! Here are some definitions we found: …

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conversational intelligence

What is Your C-IQ?

We are in conversations every day, and our conversations define our relationships and influence our impact both personally and professionally. …

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