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creativity crushers

Six Creativity Crushers!

Now that you know that you aren’t born with a specific level of creative ability, you can be intentional about strengthening and stimulating your creativity …

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Is conflict good or bad – or are there different types of conflict? How do you handle conflict? Most of …

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What is Your Visibility Strategy?

We recently talked with Nidhi, one of our TTT readers, who asked us about the topic of visibility. She is …

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What did we decide?

Yesterday I talked with a CEO who is dealing with warring executives on the leadership team. They have settled into …

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high stakes decisions

High Stakes Decisions – Italy vs. England

In a nail-biting conclusion to the WEFA EURO 2020 last Sunday, England lost the final match based on missed kicks …

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If you’ve taken the opportunity to review your year so far, you probably have some decisions to make about how …

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Are You Ready for the Second Half?

The beginning of the second half of 2021 is almost here! Are you ready to make the most of it? …

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Perspective: What Would You Do With $500,000,000?

We attended the wedding of a colleague this past weekend and had a fascinating conversation with the founder of AIS …

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ceo of your life

Are you the CEO of your life?

“Managing oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs. It requires new and unprecedented things from the individual, and especially from …

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brain fog

Is Your Brain Fog Covid Related or Change Related?

Lately we’ve been doing a lot of presentations for senior leaders on the topic of change leadership. They are recognizing …

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Confidence in Leadership

Twenty-two weeks have passed in 2021, and 30 remain.You have 30 weeks to make the most of your life and …

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Reevaluate Your Strategy

Strategy frameworks, well-executed, offer a roadmap to success. What is a strategy framework? A strategy framework structures thinking and decision-making. …

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changing your view

7 Ways to Change Your Life by Changing Your View and Making it New!

Your view defines your reality. How you relate to people, how you handle challenges, the choices you make, and how …

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Come What May!

At Brighton Leadership we’ve been in a season of intentional transition that has inspired a reimagining of our business. We’ve …

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Why Ask if You Don’t Listen?

Questions are the expressive, probing language for growing others; listening is the receptive, facilitating language for growing others. These two …

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facts about questions

4 Fascinating Facts About Questions

Why are questions so effective? Because they direct the recipient’s attention. What we pay attention to creates our thoughts. And …

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April is for Asking!

One of our core beliefs is that extraordinary leadership involves more asking than telling. Something we frequently remind people is …

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9 out of 10 Conversations Miss the Mark

Does that statistic surprise you? It shocked us the first time we heard it, but this was the conclusion reached …

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meaningful change

4 Ways to Inspire Meaningful Change

Leaders make change. Leaders have a large capacity for change. Leaders are ahead of the curve in their change process …

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I look forward to speaking with you

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I look forward to speaking with you

Fill in your details and I’ll get back to you.