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three steps to success

3 Steps to Get Set For Success

The one process that we use repeatedly is the 3 Steps to Success. Whether it’s a big complex situation or something simple, this works! Know …

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FAST is the New SMART

Is your annual goal setting spectacularly successful? Do SMART goals work for you and your team? Or is it possible …

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The Power of Presence

Give the gift of your presence this holiday season. Bless yourself and everyone around you with this one-of-a-kind gift. The …

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The Power of Play

When was the last time that you played? This means you engaged in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than …

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The Power of Choice

Are you trapped in a stuck mindset? Do you get caught up in circumstances and feel like you don’t have …

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The Power of Questions

Questions are powerful because they create change. Giving people facts and information is helpful, but questions create transformation, inspire innovation …

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The Power of Gratitude

Welcome to Gratitude Week! Whether you are based in the US or somewhere else, Thanksgiving is always a good idea. …

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WOOP Your Way to Success

Dreaming about achieving your goals doesn’t make them happen. In fact, that can backfire on you! Gabriele Oettingen, professor of …

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Pulling the Horizon Closer

One of the challenges of leadership is that from your vantage point you are always looking out to the horizon. …

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Leadership Tricks

Last night we tried to sit outside for dinner in LA, and the smoke in the air was so uncomfortable …

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Essential Selling Skills for Effective Leaders

When you hear the word ‘selling’, what do you think? Is it offensive or invigorating? A necessary evil or a …

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YOUR Leadership Manifesto

The world is hungry for heroes, leaders who are not just great, but also good. Create a leadership manifesto to …

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Ctrl + Alt + FOCUS: Reboot Your Results

Are you getting the results you want? Would you like to increase your effectiveness? Just Ctrl + Alt + FOCUS: …

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Six Strategies for Resilience

Any time we are faced with difficulties, there is a process we must go through to adjust. The question is, …

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Listen for Understanding

(or, it’s never too late to learn something you thought you already knew!) I have a passion – more than …

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reflect or ruminate

A Goldilocks Leadership Conundrum

Last post we talked about the five facets of resilient leadership. One of the facets was: No Rumination. Going over …

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resilient leadership

5 Facets of Resilient Leadership

Leadership is an action not a position.Resilience is the ability to bounce back or recover from something quickly. Resilient Leadership …

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morning routine

Morning Routines of Productive Leaders

How do you begin your day? Are you intentional about the steps to success you take each morning? Have you …

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create conflict

3 Ways that Leaders Create Conflict

Leaders don’t intentionally create conflict. However, because conflict can impair team dynamics and destructively affect the inter-workings of the team, …

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