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What is Your Visibility Strategy?

We recently talked with Nidhi, one of our TTT readers, who asked us about the topic of visibility. She is an accomplished, valuable executive in …

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Meaningful March

In January we considered the importance of purpose, and February was about fueling our purpose by sharpening our focus. This …

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5 Focus Strategies to Maximize Your Potential

Focus is about where you put your attention and your time. In today’s overly distracted world where we get interrupted, …

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no your way to focus

6 Ways to “No” Your Way to Focus

No is not negative, it’s necessary. If you have a hard time saying no, you’re not alone. People struggle with …

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sharpening your focus

4 Strategies for Sharpening Your Focus

There is power in focus. As Oprah Winfrey says, “Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how …

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We spent January considering the importance of purpose. One of the benefits of a strong sense of purpose is that …

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personal purpose

A Powerful Personal Purpose

A foundational element of defining Your Leadership Voice is creating a powerful personal purpose or life purpose. Your life purpose …

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team's purpose

What is Your Team’s Purpose?

Recently we were coaching a leadership team and one of the team members said, “I don’t think we all have …

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organizational purpose

What is Your Organizational Purpose?

Your organizational purpose gets at the heart of why your organization exists. Purpose defines your reason for being. A purpose …

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One of the things that can anchor you in uncertain or difficult times is a sense of your unique purpose. …

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lessons 2020

Our Top 10 Lessons of 2020

At a holiday gathering with friends we asked, “what are you most grateful for in 2020?” There were grumbly comments …

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The Power of Presence

While the challenges of 2020 will make it look a little different this year, you can still give the gift …

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appreciation culture

Create a Culture of Appreciation

Recognizing hard work and achievement in the workplace increases employee morale, encourages great performance and creates a positive atmosphere. Positive …

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employee recognition

Have You Asked This Important Question?

Many leaders pride themselves on having an open, transparent relationship with their team members. Yet, when we ask them whether …

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Small Changes, BIG Results

This month we’re focusing on small changes and insights that can make a big difference in your team and your …

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gratitude and laughter

Gratitude + Laughter = Mental Shift

Did you know that you can control what you focus on? You have the power to choose where to direct …

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threat and autonomy

COVID is a Brain Threat

Neuroscience researchers have shown us that a threat to autonomy is perceived in the brain the same way that a …

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stressed team

How Does Your Team Respond in Stress?

When we have one option, we’re stuck; when we have two options, we have a dilemma; when we have three …

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stress stance

What is Your Stance?

Are you as tired of the term “unprecedented times” as we are? Cliché or not, it is a pretty accurate …

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