What did we decide?

Yesterday I talked with a CEO who is dealing with warring executives on the leadership team. They have settled into their respective corners, and one is spreading malicious gossip about the other. In addition, there is constant misunderstanding about the commitments and decisions they’ve made.

Yikes, can you relate? Whether or not your team gets along, you probably have opportunity to improve your decision-conclusion process.

Decision confusion is not a unique challenge. While most teams aren’t experiencing the level of dysfunction just described, many teams walk away from meetings with different beliefs about what was agreed on.

#1 BEST TIP – at the conclusion of a discussion ending in a decision, always recap:

  • Recap – What was decided? Use clear and specific language to make sure everyone has a common understanding of the decision that was made.
  • Recap – Next steps. Who is responsible for doing what by when (if there is an action)?
  • Recap – What gets communicated about the decision (the message)? Who will communicate the message to what audience by when?
  • Recap – Who else is impacted by the decision and needs to know? Who is going to talk to them?

Leaders must regularly make decisions. Do not jeopardize the decision with confusion. Always recap the decision and ensure everyone present knows how to take action. 

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