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If you're curious to understand how shifting your culture to honor the gifts that are unique to each generation can improve employee engagement, productivity, and ultimately your bottom line - this book is for you!

Challenge 1

DIVERSITY – Age has become the largest diversity issue in the US, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Challenge ​ 2

PRODUCTIVITY LOSS – Studies show that unaddressed resentment between Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials saps productivity by as much as 12%.

Challenge 3

TURNOVER COSTS – By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Only 18% of Millennials plan on staying with their current organization over the long term. According to Gallup, Millennial turnover is costing the US economy over $30 billion/year.

There is a looming crisis in the workplace. A generational shift unlike any before is taking place, with more generational diversity and less inclusiveness than ever before. The resulting decrease in employee engagement and productivity impact both leaders and teams.

We wrote this book to share research-based insights on how to understand and reframe the challenge of inter-generational conflict. We'll show you how to develop a culture that creates a welcoming environment where all generations can flourish.

There is no time like the present to begin.

Katherine & Donna,

authors of the Flourishing Workplace

The Solution:

The answers are found in the 3 factors of the flourishing workplace –  Fearless, Friendly and Focused.

Three factors emerged through our study and analysis of generational research. We identified the needs of each generation in the workplace and connected those needs to the research on high-performing, constructive cultures. What we found were three factors that are essential for all generations and are foundational in a flourishing workplace – Fearless, Friendly and Focused.

  • FEARLESS – I am willing to speak up, ask a question, make a mistake, present an idea or take a risk because I believe that I will not be punished or humiliated.
  • FRIENDLY – I believe I belong here because I know I am valued, cared about and accepted.
  • FOCUSED – I know how what I do every day contributes to this organization and something bigger than myself.

In this Book - You will discover how each generation views leadership, what growth means for them, and some of the gifts they can each bring to your team. We will show how different expectations (or conflicting ideas on how things should be done) that each generation carries can create culture clashes resulting in generational bias.

We will offer an approach to developing a culture that can help you capitalize on the brilliance of your multi-generational team and where all generations can flourish.

About the Author: Donna Brighton

Donna Brighton - Donna is a culture change strategist, leadership coach, and keynote speaker. She helps other leaders lead from the exponential power that comes from the core of who they are, rather than trying to fit into a leadership mold. Donna advises CEO’s, Directors and executive teams throughout the world to rapidly accelerate strategic outcomes. Donna has been consulting for nearly twenty-five years, and has done leadership, culture and change projects in over twenty-seven industries. As a co-creator of the Flourishing Workplace, she helps organizations get clear on the culture they need to have in order to achieve their objectives, then helps them move towards that ideal. Donna holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership as well as an advanced certification in Organizational Change Management.

About the Author: Katherine Jeffery

Dr. Katherine Jeffery - is a generational researcher and practitioner who guides companies and organizations through the massive leadership transition that is happening in the world right now. She has done in-depth research on the Millennial generation having worked with them for over 20 years AND focusing her doctoral research on their view of leadership and teams. She not only has a unique ability to connect with every generation but more importantly, she is a savvy Gen Xer who has learned to navigate a Boomer world while helping Millennials be successful in this foreign culture along the way. She believes each generation has much to teach the others and is grateful for Gen Z as they continue to keep her relevant in this rapidly changing world.

How culture can help you capitalize on the brilliance of your multi-generational team.

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