Your vision/strategy defines WHAT your organization must do to succeed. Your culture determines HOW the work gets done, which will either expedite or derail your results.

An aligned culture supports strategic goals. A fragmented culture undermines them.

Disengaged Team

Symptoms of a fragmented culture:

Benefits of an aligned culture:


Your culture is key to your long-term success.

What are the defining characteristics of your current culture? Organizational culture is more than the benefits and perks your company provides. It’s the values, ideals and beliefs shared by your employees and reflected in behaviors that are reinforced on a day-to-day basis.

By intentionally shaping your culture, you can encourage behaviors that benefit your business strategy. You can also discourage behaviors that run counter to these goals.

An intentional culture aligns your team and points it at the outcomes that matter most.

Your culture is too important for guesswork.

We are culture transformation experts (as founding faculty of Culture University we literally helped write a book on organizational culture!). Whether you have strong ideas about what your culture is and should be or you’re not sure where to start, our pragmatic, data-based approach will identify what’s working and reveal the areas where culture shifts will have the greatest impact. We partner with you at every step of your journey to a high-performance culture where people thrive and goals are achieved.

Culture Transformation and
Change Leadership

Culture and change are inextricably linked. Culture transformation doesn’t happen without change, and change can’t succeed without culture work.

We see culture as the people side of change management; it is the ‘root’ that can keep people ‘planted’ and seemingly resistant to change.

culture change

There is tremendous risk as you implement organizational culture shifts, replace your systems, reconfigure your processes and reorganize your talent. Effective change leadership is essential to your success.

We invested many years as change management professionals, delivering workshops and change bootcamps, facilitating change planning sessions and supporting dozens of change initiatives. We now use our expertise to support leaders in creating successful, sustainable change.

We are methodology agnostic, meaning that we don’t have a proprietary method that we push to our clients or an OCM tool kit to sell you. We work with leaders to leverage what they use or want to use in their organizations. We help you understand the gaps between the current state of change and best practices for successful change. And we incorporate behavioral science principles to show you how to use culture as an activator instead of a barrier to change.

Let us support you in creating 100% successful, culturally intelligent change.

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Flashpoints emerge during a merger or acquisition when insufficient attention is given to identifying the organizational behaviors that need to be sustained or changed. Preserve the intended value through intentional acculturation.
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Culture and Change Management Checklist

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