Engaging, Customized Programs for Teams

From interactive workshops to immersive training sessions, we focus on practical strategies that get results.

Get beyond the “presentation-in-a-box”. We offer custom educational experienced designed for your unique outcomes. Some examples of the programs we’ve delivered include:

Creating & Sustaining a High-Performance Team Culture

Culture matters because people power your performance. The more intentional you are about your team culture, the better you work together and the more successful your results.

The Neuroscience of Asking Questions

Learn how to transform your conversations. Ensure that you are heard and know how to use questions to inspire insight that leads to lasting change. Your words create your world.

Change management bootcamp

Bootcamp = a program that helps people become much better at change in a short period of time. This was designed for a company that was going through a complete transformation as it implemented a new system.

Superhero’s Guide to Thriving Through Change

The pace of change is unrelenting. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to adapt and thrive through change. Use the disruptive energy of change to learn, grow and supercharge your future success.

STOP having difficult conversations!

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) is the hardwired and learnable ability to connect, navigate and grow with others - a necessity in building healthier and more resilient organizations in the face of change. We educate and coach leaders and their teams in C-IQ.

Leadership Uncorked

Learning. Leadership. Wine! Discuss the building blocks of successful teams using a simulation and an assessment. Then practice what you learned in a charcuterie board building competition as the team improves trust, communication and team effectiveness.

Created for you...small shifts, BIG results!

Each of these resources was designed in response to a need we saw in the leaders we work with. Whether you are defining and stepping into your identity as a leader, needing to manage change more effectively, or learning to ask instead of tell to improve your leadership, we have the tools for you!
questions for leaders
Catalyst Questions for Leaders

Great leaders ask great questions. Our deck of carefully curated questions is designed to help you build the habit of inquiry and improve your ratio of asking instead of telling.

change leader
Change Leaders Toolkit

BE A CHANGE CHAMPION! Change is hard, and leading it is even harder. This concise toolkit will help you define your bold vision and confidently create change that succeeds.

your leadership voice
Your Leadership Voice

Leadership starts with who you are. Get clear and strong in your authentic voice using our concise workbook (also offered as a 2-4 hour workshop to take your whole team through this proven process).

Build Your Management Skills

Managers play such an important role in today’s organizations, but many are given the position without being taught the skills to do it well. We combine decades of experience, the science of people data, and the art of leadership to help managers improve their skills in a way that gets results, fast!

Managing Organizational Change
for Managers

People are more likely to listen to their direct manager than anyone else in the organization. That's why organizational change really does start with you! This LinkedIn Learning course covers the leadership skills that will help you become a change champion.

Management Mysteries Solved

Take the guesswork out of supporting each of your people to reach their full potential. We'll show you how to use the power of data to develop your employees’ strengths so they can excel, motivate them to perform at their best, keep them engaged and retain them for the long term.

Leadership & Management SUCCESS Toolkit

Everything from essential mindset shifts to proven practices that will equip you to be the leader your team needs. This isn’t a formula or one-size-fits-all approach to management, but a collection of core skills and best practices you can apply for immediate impact. Live sessions, a workbook and an app with bite-size microlessons allow you to customize your learning and set you up for success.

Let's talk Skill Building

Take ownership of your leadership and bridge the gaps to become your best.

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