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Catalyst Questions for Leaders

Questions open the mind and create new possibilities. They are the best way to gain deeper insights and develop more innovative solutions – and especially during times of change, questions can keep your team members united and circumvent resistance.

We’ve seen outstanding results when the leaders we coach have shifted to a curious mindset and started asking instead of telling. Catalyst Questions for Leaders is a resource developed to help form the habit of inquiry – it serves as a reminder to ask open ended questions whenever possible.

Use these question to catalyze; provoke action in your team and speed significant change in your organization.

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Change Leader’s Toolkit

A tool for Change Leaders and for those coaching Change Leaders.

What Changes do You Care About the Most?

There are likely more changes affecting your organization than you realize. Every change in your organization absorbs some of the change capacity of your people. Your job is to lead change – if you don’t know everything that’s going on, how can you be effective?

In the midst of all the changes affecting your team – how can you make sure that you are doing your best as a change leader?

The Change Leader’s Toolkit is simple, structured and will help you be more successful at leading change.

  • Simple – two worksheets to get you started and then a weekly worksheet to keep you on track
  • Structured – gather the critical information
  • Successful – focused on your success as a leader

Change Leader's Toolkit 697.29 KB 568 downloads

3 simple steps and 4 structured, concise worksheets, the Change Leader’s Toolkit offers you a proven process for effectively leading your team through change.

5 Culture Activators

Culture is the primary responsibility of a leader. After setting the vision and direction for the organization, it’s culture coupled with execution that determines how you get there.

The Culture Activators are keys a leader can use to orient the culture in the direction that supports the strategy and goals of the organization. Culture exists whether you pay attention to it or not. This document will help you use the culture keys as catalysts to activate or make shifts in culture.


5 Culture Activators 197.44 KB 328 downloads

Use the culture keys as catalysts to activate or make shifts in culture.

Change Leadership Behaviors

change leader behaviors

Challenged by leading change well? Tired of being told to be a strong sponsor without knowing what that specifically looks like? If you answer yes to either of these questions, this 2-page sheet of specific recommendations is for you!

Critical Sponsor Behaviors

Inside this leadership tool you will learn what Critical Sponsor Behaviors are and how to be successful at doing them. Behaviors such as:

  • Being accountable for change success
  • Modeling and reinforcing desired behaviors
  • Providing sustained support
  • Providing resources

Change Leadership Behaviors 195.88 KB 876 downloads

Tired of being told to be a strong sponsor without knowing what that specifically looks like? Then this two page sheet of specific recommendations is for you!

Culture Flashpoints Memo – M&A


Common mistakes during Mergers / Acquisitions

Culture is the shared beliefs, values and assumptions that drive behavior within an organization. Culture must be a focus during a merger or acquisition, because without intentional acculturation, culture will undermine value-creation. Sound financial analysis and execution is insufficient to achieve the assumed level of value during integration.

Avoid Value Erosion

Flashpoints emerge during a merger or acquisition when insufficient attention is given to identifying institutional behavior that needs to be sustained / changed. Flashpoints are emotionally significant traditions that create divisions and culture clashes which can quickly erode the intended value of the merger or acquisition.


Culture Flashpoints Memo 126.44 KB 430 downloads

Protect your acquisition value. Read our Culture Flashpoints Memo.