Generational Bias

There are 5 generations working together in today's workplace.

Are you letting differences fray the edges of everyone's nerves, or are you making the most of the gifts each generation brings to your organization?

What is the Challenge?

DIVERSITY – Age has become the largest diversity issue in the US, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

PRODUCTIVITY LOSS – Studies show that unaddressed resentment between Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials saps productivity by as much as 12%.

TURNOVER COSTS – By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Only 18% of Millennials plan on staying with their current organization over the long term. According to Gallup, Millennial turnover is costing the US economy over $30 billion/year.

What is the Solution?

The answers are found in the 3 factors of the flourishing workplace –  Fearless, Friendly and Focused.

Three factors emerged through our study and analysis of generational research. We identified the needs of each generation in the workplace and connected those needs to the research on high-performing, constructive cultures. What we found were three factors that are essential for all generations and are foundational in a flourishing workplace – Fearless, Friendly and Focused.

  • FEARLESS – I am willing to speak up, ask a question, make a mistake, present an idea or take a risk because I believe that I will not be punished or humiliated.
  • FRIENDLY – I believe I belong here because I know I am valued, cared about and accepted.
  • FOCUSED – I know how what I do every day contributes to this organization and something bigger than myself.


Culture Transformation

How do you ensure that your culture attracts and retains talent from all generations? Create a culture that is Fearless, Friendly and Focused © Learn how to measure your culture, how to shift it to meet the needs of all generations, and how to achieve greater levels of effectiveness through people-powered productivity.

Leadership Coaching

The differences are real, the solution is not always clear. Get a guide to help you navigate the generations and value the gifts everyone brings to the workplace. We use proven practices and processes to coach leaders to new levels of effectiveness.


Need an expert to share the latest research on, impact of and solutions for multiple generations? We can talk with your leadership team, present at your conference or deliver a transformational workshop. Learn about the reality of generational workplace challenges and get practical ideas for addressing them.

A Fantastic Team.

KJ 190.1

Dr. Katherine Jeffery

  • Founder,  KJ Consulting
  • PhD Philosophy of Education; dissertation focused on Millennials and their view of leadership and teams
  • Generational researcher, speaker, and consultant
  • Guiding leadership transitions across organizations through the generational shift
  • Co-Founder, CAUSEGEAR | MADE BY FREE WOMEN: A social enterprise working to end poverty and slavery
Donna Brighton

Donna Brighton

  • Chief Ideas Officer – Brighton Leadership Group
  • M.S. Organizational Leadership
  • Author: Your Leadership Voice
  • Leadership focus on organizational culture and change; helping leaders get their messages heard, their ideas adopted and their team following them into a bold new future
  • Founder, The Rebel Leader Community: A community of  extraordinary leaders.


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