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Your organization has an inherent strength you can leverage to accelerate your strategic success. The competitive advantage of organizational culture is often overlooked and underutilized.

Culture is a result of human being’s craving for predictability and certainty. It develops over time when there is a consistent group of people, formed from shared history and the learning that comes from many experiences together. This creates patterns that define the acceptable ways to think and behave in response to various situations.

Within every culture there are elements that support your strategic direction. Leverage them with the 5 Culture Activators.

Culture Activators are levers you can use to focus your business culture in a direction that supports your strategy and goals. Culture exists whether you pay attention to it or not. Use the Activators to catalyze your culture and move your business forward faster.

Culture Activators

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Use them to reinforce what’s working and stimulate culture change where needed.

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