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Leadership With Purpose

Helping you take your leadership to the next level in a world of ever-increasing complexity.

What does your next level look like? We can help you get there. Let’s talk!

Leadership With Purpose

Helping you take your leadership to the next level in a world of ever-increasing complexity.

What does your next level look like? We can help you get there. Let’s talk!

Our Expertise

We specialize in the trifecta of topics that leaders need to master in order to succeed.



Culture is the unsung productivity hero of organizations. When it’s properly aligned, it drives greater performance. No matter how brilliant the strategy, if the culture doesn’t support it, the strategy won’t fully succeed.



There is a difference between change management and change leadership. We help apply the right thinking and approach to the challenge to achieve successful change 100% of the time.



Leaders must practice effective leadership to deliver successful results. Defining the vision drives change and requires an aligned culture to achieve results. This is the leadership trifecta.

Turn Your "Screen Team" Into Your "Dream Team"

Is your team as awesome as it could be? Get our Team TuneUp to help your team. . .

  • Communicate courageously
  • Resolve conflict constructively
  • Unite behind a shared purpose
  • Establish clear priorities
  • Build trust and collaborate across boundaries
  • Have fun and enjoy working with each other

RESULT: a Rockin’ Awesome Team with improved engagement and performance.

Team Celebration
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Your Brilliance + Our Toolkits = SUCCESS

A tool for Change Leaders and Change Leader Coaches.

Embed the practice of strategic change leadership into your daily routine with 4 worksheets and 3 simple steps.

Learn the essentials of magnificent management.

Overcome the shocking statistic that 50-80% of all middle managers fail to achieve the expectations of those who promote them by using this toolkit. You’ll learn the skills you need to succeed. The toolkit starts with a roadmap for rapid results and contains 15 management tools and templates to equip you to successfully lead your team.

Online Tools for Leadership

Fast-track your team to success with our proven processes to help you now!

We summarized and synthesized our decades of successful organizational transformation work for clients into concise toolkits that you can download and use immediately.

Uplevel Your Leadership

Leadership Community Helping Each Other

The Rebel Leader Community

This is where growth-minded leaders chart their course, sharpen skills, make new discoveries, expand networks, and elevate their potential – TOGETHER.

Leadership Question Cards

Questions uncover the challenges you’re facing, ensure that you and your team are aligned on the issues, generate better solutions to address problems, and motivate your people to act. These cards help great leaders build the habit of asking questions.

Leadership Catalyst Question Cards
Brighton Leadership Books


Practical, applicable insights on the leadership trifecta: culture, change and leadership! Get your copy to create sustainable change in your leadership, change initiatives and culture.

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