What if the solution is right in front of you?
What if there is a way to rapidly get the results you want?

Get more done with less. Achieve your goals. Create a new future.
10X your team performance

Is your team functioning at full potential? Give us one day to help you measure team effectiveness, identify your strengths, clarify the areas to target for improvement and develop an action plan to improve how you work together.

Ignite My Team

Own your leadership

Leadership is an action not a position. What you do and how you do it determines the impact you have on everyone around you. Do you know how your actions inspire and motivate others? What does your team want from you? Are you as effective as you could be? We believe in you. Find out how to get a roadmap for increasing your success and the success of your team.

Amplify My Impact

Increase your competitive advantage – with culture

If you are like most leaders, you know culture is important, but you don’t know how to define or measure the culture that you have. What if you could rapidly understand the culture that exists and compare it to your ideal culture? We can give you these answers and create a roadmap for culture change.

Is your culture helping or hindering your strategy? Is your culture attracting or repelling top talent? Using a data-driven, results-focused approach, we can help you shape a strong, purposeful culture to achieve your most ambitious goals.

Measure My Culture

Leadership Uncorked

Join us for strategic conversations that matter. Leadership Uncorked creates extraordinary experiences for business leaders and their teams to learn together or discuss and solve challenging business issues. Get unstuck from the typical tactical meeting by creating strategic space to talk about the possibilities and pitfalls in the future.

Combining leaders, wine and learning is a powerful, flow-inducing experience.

Looking for a Speaker?

Donna isn’t the CEO of Apple, a Harvard professor, a famous athlete or a former Navy SEAL. She is an impactful speaker who breaks down business topics in a way that they are easily understood and can be acted on. If you are looking for more than information or entertainment, Donna is the speaker for you. She understands how to move an audience from insight to action.

If you are planning a conference, convention, or leadership retreat, Donna will partner with you to deliver a presentation that is tailored to your unique audience.

Catalyst Question Cards

Why are we passionate about questions? We’ve found that they are the fastest way to transform leader’s language. Using catalyst questions creates conversations that empower people, get you unstuck, help you think bigger and ultimately improve culture.

Expand your thinking, build meaningful connections, become a better leader with catalyst questions.

Organizations Improved
Leaders Impacted
Lives Changed

Insights to power your performance


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Client Compliments and Comments

They are great partners; they put the customer first. They help you realize what you want to realize as far as growth. They are both people of good character. Donna is very authentic and genuine, that comes across.- Denise Froemming – Chief Executive Officer IREM
So many consultants come in with a formula and at best will tweak it a little. I never felt that with Brighton Leadership Group. They learned everything about our organization and became part of the team. I never felt they were in it for the money. They truly have a heart for improving your organization – it’s their mission.- Lynne Gordon Thomas – CEO AHIMA
They have tools to help you decide how you want to make changes. They have enormous expertise but are also great listeners. They come alongside you, and they know when to push and when to listen. They are flexible and take their cues from you.- Rev. Canon Michael Hunn – The Episcopal Church
Scott was able to ask questions you couldn’t wiggle out of. Not in an objectionable way. He asked the right questions. He has an intuition where he can cut through things and get to the heart of the matter quickly. He’s non-judgmental. He’s a great coach.- Walter Shaffer - Senior Director – CRU
We were working on our culture side. We needed to look at our culture. We were stodgy. They did a very nice job at dissecting that and getting to roadblocks.- D. A. - Senior Vice President – Major Life Insurance Company
They did fantastic work. The thing that’s really unusual about these guys: I trust them more than people I’ve spent more time with. They’re deeply trustworthy. The depth of my friendship with them is accelerated with these guys is because of who they are. Their character, commitment, compassion, integrity. An hour with these guys is like a year with someone else.- Kirk Botula – Chief Executive Officer – CMMI

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