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SmartStart Conversations

smart start

Smartstart Conversations

This is a template for you to use to create an agenda for a structured conversation that helps you get to know the person with whom you will be working. The intention is to get to know him or her as a human being, establish a positive connection and set your working relationship up for success by beginning with mutual understanding. Please do not follow this verbatim – customize it to fit your unique situation!

SmartStart is intended to flow as a conversation. Ask questions and be prepared to share your answers as well.


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Craft your own Smartstart conversation using the SmartStart outline

Year in Review – Our Gift to You

Year in Review – Our Gift to You

  • Slow down the passage of time by remembering all of your past year
  • Make resolutions or set goals based on better data
  • Create the story of your life

Year in Review 186.89 KB 1314 downloads