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6 Key Areas of Virtual Working Success

If you are working in a hybrid or remote environment,
are you set up for optimal success?

Virtual working is about more than tools and technology. What could you do differently that would improve your
in the remote-work environment?

Following the collective shift to virtual working, commuting to a physical workplace is no longer a given in many organizations. Consequently, the ways we “see” each other, communicate, build teams, establish trust, collaborate, and achieve results have all changed.

You can’t just replicate your old work habits and expect to succeed in a virtual work environment. The good news is that thoughtful adjustments to your approach to virtual work will enable you to thrive!

Build the foundation of good virtual work practices and focus on what matters most by evaluating:

Your Mindset

Rules of Engagement

Goals / Work Focus




Use this checklist to assess the six key areas of successful virtual work, target the areas for improvement and optimize your virtual work experience.

When you’re working in your home environment it’s easy to be distracted or get caught up in obsessing about small tasks, taking action just to feel like you’re accomplishing something. And working apart from your team can be disorienting if you don’t put the practices in place to stay connected. Building the skills and habits that maximize your communication, your focus and your efficiency as a team will ensure your long-term success.

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