Super-Size Your Strengths

There is something special about you that makes you distinctive from everyone else. This is the strengths profile that you uniquely possess. Your core strengths, when properly identified and developed, will take you to new innovative places of excellence.
You may hear that you should “build on strengths” but not really know what that means. Marcus Buckingham says that a strength is “something that makes you feel strong.” Another definition of strength is an inner ability expressed through activity that makes you feel gratified and fulfilled, generates a mental and / or monetary reward and you continuously improve.
Thoughts on strengths:

  • Excellence can only be achieved by focusing on strengths and managing weaknesses not by eliminating weaknesses
  • You can be anything your strengths enable you to be, not anything you set your mind to
  • If at first you don’t succeed, check to see if you are building on a strength; exponential improvement comes only from developing your strengths
  • Careers are built on skills and job titles; Callings are built on strengths, passion and purpose

We believe that there is something about you that you need to identify and make the most of in order to fulfill your calling. We help people understand and develop their strengths so they live a more powerful, fulfilling life.
Check out the resources listed below or contact us for more information.

GO Put Your Strengths to Work by Marcus Buckingham (the DVD, Trombone Player Wanted is a powerful accompaniment)
StandOut is for people who want an assessment that takes what it has learned about them and tells them which specific innovations and techniques make the most of their innate strengths.
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