Clarity Quadrants

In order to be successful in executing change you must be clear. There are two dimensions of clear that are critical, alignment and success definition.
Here are the dimensions on a 2×2 grid: clarity1

  1. Aimless – when there is no definition of success and no alignment this means you don’t know where you are going and no one supports you.
  2. Lost – when you have plenty of support but do not have a definition for success then your supporters may get lost along the way because no one clearly knows where you are going.
  3. Vulnerable – when you have clearly defined success but do not have the full support of everyone involved in the change then you become susceptible to inadvertent sabotage or roadblocks to achieving success.
  4. Dedicated Direction – clearly defined success and complete alignment with change participant’s means that you know where you are going and everyone is on board! This dedicated direction is essential to successfully achieving success.


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