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Targeted Team Building

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Is your team as awesome as it could be?

Poor teamwork slows growth, wastes potential and hurts your profitability

Disengaged Team

Get a Team Coach to help your team. . .

Team Celebration

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Team TuneUP

A targeted approach to team building that takes your Dream Team from imagination to reality

Step 1

Schedule a Call

Pick the best coaching option for your team

Toolkit 1
Virtual Work Effectiveness

Step 2

Follow the Team TuneUP process: Measure > Tune > Re-measure

Step 3

Keep your commitments, apply team principles and turn your Screen Team into your Dream Team

Virtual Work Clarity
Toolkit 1

Step 1

Schedule a Call and pick the best coaching option for your team

Virtual Work Effectiveness

Step 2

Follow the Team TuneUP process: Measure > Tune > Re-measure

Virtual Work Clarity

Step 3

Keep your commitments, apply team principles and turn your Screen Team into your Dream Team

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Team TuneUP Options

Bronze Team TuneUP

Basic Option (3-12 members)
The Bronze level TuneUP is focused on your team and includes:
  • Team level assessment
  • Facilitated session
    • Review the Attributes of Winning Teams
    • Understand your team assessment results
    • Develop Team Agreements
  • Define your ideal Team Purpose and Performance
  • Assess progress
  • Review and refine purpose and performance

Silver Team TuneUP

Team Member Insights Option (3-12 members)
The Silver level TuneUP is focused on your team AND the individual team members:
  • Everything in the Bronze level, PLUS team member insights. Learn more about each other and how to work together successfully.
  • Individual team member assessments
  • 1:1 conversations with each team member
  • Additional facilitated session to debrief the individual assessments and learn about team member working styles
  • Customized Team Tips
  • 7 powerful Team Rituals

Gold Team TuneUP

Group Coaching Option (3-12 members)
The Gold level TuneUP is focused on your team, the team members AND their long-term development:
  • Team Transformation assessment
  • Clear conditions for success
  • Customized Team Breakthrough Process – increase your change success, align culture and strategy, maximize communication effectiveness
  • OPTIONAL – Group observation (of a leadership team meeting) with post-session feedback
  • Four progress assessments with course correction plans
  • Quarterly group coaching sessions

Has distraction or dysfunction crept into your team?

Now is your opportunity to take action and help your team achieve its full potential.

Donna Brighton - Founder and Chief Ideas Officer

Many leaders we work with regularly invest in upskilling their team to be as productive and high performing as possible. They’ve seen an impact on team performance from working remotely, the urgency of pandemic responsiveness and changing team members. You’re not alone in feeling that distraction or some dysfunction has crept into your team. Seize this moment to TuneUP your team before you miss another day of high performance!

Define Your Team's Winning Strategy

Get Your Team Focused

Achieve Higher Levels of Performance

This comprehensive approach to reinforcing your team’s foundation will benefit the entire organization by establishing clarity within the leadership team on how to work together successfully. This is more important than ever in a virtual world where the rapid pace of change can result in misunderstanding, frustration and leadership-induced silos.

  • Help your leadership team establish rules of engagement for working well together as a high-performing team.
  • Create an open, transparent, fun environment as you blend people working in the office and virtually.
  • Empower your people to take ownership for building the team and maintain maximum effectiveness by capitalizing on their individual strengths.

Be the leader of a winning team -

a Results-focused Rockin' Team

Download our free guide

Advanced Team Building

Advanced Team Building

This free Advanced Team Building guide will help you build a powerful team that delivers great project results while enjoying the experience of working together. Learn how to:

  • Establish a successful team culture
  • Perform a team tune-up
  • Address demoralized or dysfunctional teams
  • Utilize the ‘not-so-secret’ C’s of team success

As a team leader, you are responsible for creating and supporting a thriving team. This is a challenge in today’s relentlessly changing environment. We believe this guide will help you.

If you need assistance beyond what this guide offers, or if you need any explanation of its contents, please reach out to us at Brighton Leadership Group. We are here to support you!

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