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We summarized and synthesized our decades of successful organizational transformation work for clients into concise toolkits that you can download and use immediately.
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Virtual Team Manager

Team Success Toolkit for Managers

Communication, goal setting, coaching, team building, and performance management are essential skills that become even more critical when your team is working outside the office. We created this toolkit with a special focus on the challenges you may face when leading a virtual team, however, the information in this Manager Toolkit is relevant to all work environments.

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Change Leader Toolkit

Change Leader Toolkit

Leadership is all about change. Your role involves leading changes that you initiate, as well as supporting changes that are started by other leaders in your organization. The Change Leader Toolkit is designed to help you assess, track and support change successfully.

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Virtual Work Success Story

When our rapid growth led to running out of space, we made a decision to enable staff to work effectively from any location at any time. This included not only supporting existing remote employees around the country and the world but transforming our home office so it that it truly did not matter at any moment for any meeting or any task - where a staff person was located. This required much more than a technology solution, but intentionality around culture, management and team protocols and rules for engagement. Donna took us through a holistic change process that ultimately led to a deeply embedded and resilient cultural transformation. In the end the firm had elevated its performance for customers as well as the engagement of our employees. Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn a distributed team into a competitive advantage.
Kirk Botula
CEO - CMMI Institute
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