You've Got Mail

“In 2009, it has been estimated, the average corporate worker will spend more than 40% of his or her day sending and receiving some 200 messages.” (Radicati Group study from 2008)
“Studies of office workers who use computers reveal that they constantly stop what they’re doing to read and respond to incoming e-mails. It’s not unusual for them to glance at their inbox 30-40 times an hour (though when asked how frequently they look, they’ll give a much lower figure).”
“In 2006, one study found that the average U.S. office worker was interrupted 11 times an hour. The cost of these interruptions, in which email plays a large role, runs close to $600 billion in the U.S. alone.” (Freeman, p. 140). [Note: I found another study that says this number is $650 billion for 2009].
These quotes came from Fast Company
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