You Can't Make Me

Have you ever heard this from someone, either verbally or non-verbally? This is a common challenge in today’s world of work. Every day there are things that you need other people to do and force is not a good option!
We are sharing the principles of influence with a team today and we thought they’d be helpful for you too.
Influence is the ability to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen. Influence is a super power that everyone should possess.
Here is our adaptation of the Cohen Bradford Influence Model:

  • Mindset – see the other person in a positive light as a friend versus a foe.
  • Get Clear – make sure you know what your goal is. What needs to happen for the outcome to be successful?.
  • Context – take time to understand their world.
  • Establish Value – what do you value, what do they value? In other words, what really matters to both of you? Find common ground and build on it.
  • Win-Win – how can you approach the situation in a way that everyone is better off?

One of the classic works on Influence is from Robert Cialdini, “Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion.” Here’s a brief, helpful video that walks through the six principles: Reciprocity, Commitment and Continuity, Social Proof, Liking, Authority and Scarcity.
Increase your super power of influence by building your capability and practicing the principles of persuasion.

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