Win Every Time With S3 Change

Have you ever tried to hide from change? Unfortunately, denial is not a successful strategy for winning in life or leadership.

Kurt Lewin talked about the three stages of change – unfreeze, change, and then refreeze. The accelerating pace of change has most of us feeling like we are in a permanent state of slush!

You can be reactive and get battered about by the external forces of change or you can proactively choose the path you will take. Win by getting clear on where you want to go and then create change to make it happen.

What change do you want to create? Once you are clear, choose your path and craft winning habits that move you forward in that direction.

Craft your habits with S3 change:

  • S1 – Small. It’s easy to believe that you need to make radical moves to get where you want to go. However, the science proves that small adjustments consistently followed are more likely to create a winning result. What’s the smallest action you can consistently do that moves you in the direction you want to go?
  • S2 – Successful. It is really hard to continue doing something that you don’t feel successful at. There was a workout routine that was part of P90x that I found frustratingly challenging. The first few times I grudgingly did the workout. Then after a while I began making excuses to avoid it! To remain motivated to work out, I had to shift the plan and focus on routines that make me feel successful.
  • S3 – Sticky. Changes that are celebrated are more likely to stick. It’s easy to dismiss the celebration of accomplishment – but do so at the peril of lasting change! Our cynical side finds it easy to wave off success and remind us of everything that we haven’t done. Don’t fall for that trap. Find a way of celebrating that activates the happy chemicals in the brain and your winning habit will stick.

Build winning habits (behaviors you consistently do) that lead you on the winning path of change. Small, successful and sticky change will create forward motion you need along the way.

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