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Wholistic Leadership

Do you measure leadership on just results or total impact? While leaders can deliver amazing results they may also leave a trail of destruction. A wholistic leader is successful based on the whole of who they are and what they leave behind them.
Wholistic leadership is about integrity which comes from the Latin integer or “whole.”        Wholistic leaders live integrated lives. Wholistic leaders do not separate parts of their life believing there is a personal life and professional life. They have one life and they bring all of who they are to the life they fully live.
The ABC’s of a wholistic leader:

  • Authenticity – leaders who are authentic demonstrate a passion for their purpose, practice their values consistently, and lead with their hearts as well as their heads.
  • Brilliance – is about excellence or distinction. A wholistic leader has the ingenuity and insight to build on their strengths and use them well while building a team to “fill in their blanks.”
  • Courage – a wholistic leader has courage to stand alone, to be open, to be dedicated and make tough decisions.

Wholistic leaders are successful based on total impact. They value people and profits, relationships and results, character and competence. Be authentic, brilliant and courageous – lead wholistically.

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