Whole Person Leadership

Are you familiar with the silly song, The Hokey-Pokey? There is a line that says “put your whole self in…” that’s the essence of whole person leadership. Bring all of who you are to the role of leader.
A wholistic leader is successful based on the whole of who they are AND what they accomplish.
Wholistic leadership is about integrity which comes from the Latin integer or “whole.” Wholistic leaders do not separate parts of their life believing there is a personal life and professional life. They have one life and they bring all of who they are to the life they fully live. Wholistic leaders live integrated lives.
Here are a few key concepts:

  • Don’t contort yourself to fit someone else’s definition. There are a million flavors of leadership. There are lots of magnificent models and snazzy words to describe leadership. However, there is no single, agreed upon definition. We believe that is because your leadership is as unique as you are. Get to know yourself, define your leadership and make a difference through your inimitable strengths.
  • Understand Your Impact. Just because it’s you, doesn’t mean its useful. The emotions you bring with you are fully yours, and they are contagious. Are you spreading light or making shadows in other people’s days?
  • Authenticity matters, it always has. Leaders who are authentic demonstrate a passion for their purpose, practice their values consistently, and lead with their hearts as well as their heads. Leaders who live out what they talk about have a ripple effect on the entire culture. You must do more than talk about what you stand for. You must believe and do it. All meaningful change comes from the inside out.
  • You have the spark of leadership within you. You do not have to be born with special qualities or traits of a leader. You do not have wait for a promotion or have a particular title. You can discover and own your leadership potential right now. Discovering your leadership potential requires a lifetime commitment to developing yourself. Do not expect others to uncover your potential and make the most of it. Own your development and your leadership.

Wholistic leaders are successful based on total impact. They value people and profits, relationships and results, character and competence. Be authentic, reclaim your leadership potential, and courageously be you – lead wholistically.

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