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What's a Burning Platform?

The term “Burning Platform” is frequently used incorrectly. Read the story behind the story of the burning platform.
Daryl Conner originated the use of the burning-platform story to convey the intensity of the leadership commitment needed to succeed with major change.  When leaders aren’t committed to change there is a significant risk of failure.
In addition to commitment, here are some thoughts on successfully leading change:

  • Successfully leading change does not mean scaring people into the future – it does mean creating a sense of urgency.
  • Successfully leading change does not mean saying the same thing over and over – it does mean that the leader casts the vision, makes the case for change and tailors the message to the audience he or she is engaged with.
  • Successfully leading change does not place all the responsibility “on them” – it does meant that a leader models the change and sets an example. Sometimes, in order to lead well, a leader must go through a painful process of change themselves.
  • Successfully leading change does not mean knowing all the answers – it does mean that you create certainty in a successful “what’s next” and help everyone see their place in it.
  • Successfully leading change does not mean sharing facts – it does mean that you build a trusting relationship with those you are leading through change, engage their mind with facts AND their hearts with stories so their feet move the change forward.

We wish you great success in ALL the change you lead.

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