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Vacation Zen

How long does it take for the feeling of peace and contentment to evaporate after a good vacation? While it is essential to periodically take a vacation and completely disconnect you should not have to wait for a vacation to get your Zen on!
Here are some tips for getting vacation Zen during the course of every day:

  • – Focus – it’s demoralizing to have an action item list that is pages and pages long and impossible to complete. Keep your Vacation Zen by deciding on the three most important things that need to be accomplished that day. When you get those three priority items done you can fill in the time with other activities of your choice.
  • – Simplify – on vacation objectives are clear and simple. Complexity comes into life when you pile routines on top of habits on top of assumptions. It’s a mess that can be addressed by a thoughtful evaluation of your routines. Be clear on the results you want to accomplish and assess whether the things you do support them.
  • – Be Present – when you are on vacation you are present, in the moment and experiencing life fully. During most work days people get distracted, attempt to multi-task and go off on tangents! Bring some Zen into your workday by being fully present.
  • – Disconnect – the best vacations involve technology that enhances the experience rather than intruding. Phones, tablets and mobile computers create constant connection that zaps your Zen. Disconnect to refresh.
  • – Mini-vacations – don’t wait for another week or ten days of vacation time to do something frivolous; do something you enjoy that does not have a specific purpose.

Every day you can maintain your focus, simplify, remain present and periodically disconnect in order to get or maintain some Vacation Zen.

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