We work with Executive Leadership Teams as they focus on how to shape their culture to increase performance and maximize profitable productivity.  A recent client was challenged with a situation where they were two years post-merger and the combined organizations still felt the pain of operating in two separate cultures.
One of the comments from an employee was, “why do they hate us” in reference to people working in a pre-merger mindset.  The friction between the various departments and geographies impacted the ability for the company to grow to its full potential.
During the deeper discussions with the ELT it was clear that the vision for the combined organization was lacking. People unite for one of two reasons – they are either FOR or AGAINST something.  As a leader, your responsibility is to rally people for the cause, purpose or “why” of the organization.  A leaders job is creating a vision that unites people.
In addition to an inspiring greater purpose, people need to know how to win.  Consider sports fans (being in Chicago, there are some very happy hockey fans after last night’s game! Go Hawks)  There is a passion and a connection between fans that are supporting a specific team.  They have a clear, specific and measurable focus of winning.  The team is clear on their vision and mission and it drives their performance.
CONSIDER – Is your vision inspiring your people to their greatest potential as you grow your team, department or organization? Does your mission help your people understand when you’ve “won?”

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