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True Change

The opposite of true change is false change. False change is when an external result is achieved but not sustained.
For example, a false change occurs when you lose ten pounds then gain twelve back. It’s when a company implements a new process that everyone shortcuts or ignores.  In order to achieve true change you must create sustainable new behaviors or new habits.
True change happens when you adopt new ways of eating or exercise that maintain the weight loss.  True change is about replacing old thinking and behavior patterns with new ones.  The new patterns, when repeated, achieve long lasting success and true change.
True change is about the choices you make each and every day about how you think, act and feel.  When true change must happen it starts with you and what you do.
Here are some considerations to achieve true change:
C choose and commit – change requires that you decide (make a choice) and stick to it (commit.) If you haven’t decided then don’t waste time attempting to change. Lack of commitment results in fleeting change that is here one day and gone the next. Choosing and committing are foundational to achieve true change.
Hhabits – true change is truly about creating new habits. Check out The Power of Habit for more insights about habits or
Aanticipate – there will be challenges on the road to lasting change. Don’t be surprised and don’t let them get you off track. Anticipating the challenges can enable you to stay focused on your goal and achieve true change.
Nnew normal – if you continuously look back at the “way things were” you will be challenged to stick with your decision to change. Recognize that there is a new normal and embrace it.
Ggoal – you need a clear focus in order to successfully change. A great goal is about true outcomes versus temporary triumphs. Next week we’ll share more about setting great goals.
E encourage – to make change stick you must be encouraged along the way. Since change is a journey and not a final destination you’ll need encouragement to continue. Plan celebrations along the way that encourage you to continue with your true change.
Change is a personal process. In an organization when change happens, it’s not the new system, new process or new leader that creates true change. It’s only when each person makes a choice and commits to the new behaviors required to accomplish the desired outcomes that true change occurs in an organization.
We help organizations achieve true change, ask us how.

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