Three Things You Must Know About Culture and Brand

At the beginning of the month we had an Executive Roundtable discussion on culture and brand with CEO’s and Senior Leaders. The goal was to make a connection between these two very important intangibles and identify how they interrelate. While you cannot touch culture or brand, you definitely experience them both.
We see culture as the internal experience of the organization and brand as the external experience of an organization. During the discussion we explored the definition of brand | culture and the multiple layers of brand | culture.   Below is a quick overview of the three things:
Below is a quick overview of the three things:

  1. Presence – it exists. There are three kinds of culture and three kinds of brands; unintentional, intentional, or hypocritical. Both brand and culture exist. Whether you want them to be there or not, is irrelevant.
  2. Distance – there is always a gap. We work with companies to help them be more intentional by measuring their culture and then defining the ideal. What the leadership team may want the culture to be (or brand) is always different than what currently exists. The key is to take action focused on closing the gap.
  3. Repetition – just like eating, sleeping and exercise you cannot do it once and consider it done. Both culture and brand need attention and nurture if you are  going to have positive intentional outcomes.

Both culture and brand exist, aren’t perfect and need continuous focus! We are not brand experts, so we will leave the recommended next steps to professionals who specialize in brand.
What we do know is culture. A few of the culture activators we captured in our recent white paper include stories (the programming language of culture) and change (the lever to shift culture.) Email us if you’re interested in receiving the information we put together on The Five Culture Activators.

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