Thankfulness, Gratitude and Appreciation

If only 10% of happiness is a result of circumstance, where does the rest come from? Research shows that there are a few behaviors that make up the difference. These behaviors include investing in relationships, seeing the glass half full and expressing gratitude. You can enhance your happiness by incorporating the following actions into your life:

  • Thankful Thursday – set a reminder on your calendar to take time each Thursday and intentionally appreciate someone. Send a note of thanks, make a call or write an email. Explain why you are thankful for him or her. You could also express thankfulness for something he or she did. When you make the effort to thank someone each week you are helping happiness happen by investing in relationships and expressing gratitude.
  • Gratitude Account – make a list or begin a journal of gratitude. The list should include everything that you are grateful for; everything that you have, that you are or that you get to do. There was a time when our life was at a low and creating this list was a powerful reminder of what was good and wonderful in life. It definitely increased our happiness and helped us refocus on what mattered!
  • AM Appreciation – each morning make it part of your routine to appreciate two to four things. It can be as simple as appreciating a steaming hot cup of coffee or the wag of your adoring puppy dog’s tail. Our days are filled with Negative Nellies, depressing disasters and tales of economic woe. You will help happiness happen when you decide to start your day positively and with appreciation.

During the upcoming holiday season we wish you an attitude of gratitude and the happiness will follow!

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