Successful Speaking

How do you share your ideas and get your point across? Rather than focusing on the presentation, think about the audience. What do they need to know? What do you want them to walk away doing differently? Should they be inspired to act or simply informed about something? Get clear on the result you want from your presentation.
Once you are clear about the result you want to achieve, here are three tips to keep you on track when you are preparing to speak:

  • – Keep it Simple – the more points you have, the more complex you make the presentation and the less chance you have of getting your listeners to understand your point
  • – Tell Stories – stories are the glue that connects your points together; tell a relevant story and make your presentation memorable
  • – Use Statistics / Pictures – numbers and visuals make information stick

One more tip to remember is that preparation is important. Although some people are excellent extemporaneous speakers, most of us need time to prepare.
Know the result that you want to achieve.Then make your presentation simple, tell stories and use statistics to speak successfully.

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