Success Skill #3

Celebration is an underdeveloped skill. Most organizations have implemented some version of continuous improvement but how many organizations have adopted a celebration mindset?
Why celebrate? You get more of what you reward.
How to Celebrate:

  • Name It – regularly ask, “what’s working?” and do more of it. Paying attention to what’s going well (even if it’s what the person is supposed to do) and naming it reinforces success.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter – Too many everyday successes are ignored, overlooked or forgotten and never properly celebrated. Celebrate even small successes by specifically explaining why you are acknowledging the person. Include the details, don’t just say “thanks.” Tell the person exactly what they did that was successful and if it’s relevant how their actions impacted you or another person.
  • Add to Meetings – include an agenda item for a “success review.” Ask everyone to share an accomplishment or success since the last meeting. Try it just once and see how hard it is. We have a fault finding response that comes from our programming to take successes for granted. Try it again and see how acknowledging success creates motivation to continuing working toward your goals. You can alternate the success review with an agenda item where you ask, “What went well since our last meeting?”
  • You Rock Award – Have you ever meant to tell someone what you see that’s awesome about them, but never got around to it? Create an award or some type of recognition that helps everyone regularly catch others doing something great. Whether you do this at home or in the workplace, no one will complain about receiving an appreciative award.

Acknowledging success reinforces success and creates more success. As Dan and Chip Heath talk about in Switch, “these flashes of success – these bright spots – can illuminate the road map for action and spark the hope that change is possible.”
Add the celebration of success to your success toolkit and make a difference for yourself and those around you.

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