Start With Why

We’ve already discussed how to reframe the way you think about important conversations to help you achieve your intended outcome. But do you actually know what your intended outcome is? How often do you pause and determine WHY you are having a conversation?

While there is recognition of the importance of defining purpose for an organization or for a person (life purpose), it’s also essential for your conversations if you want to make them matter.

Consider these questions before initiating your next important conversation:

  • How can you start the conversation so that you can understand the other person’s needs, objectives or position and accomplish a mutually beneficial outcome?
  • What result do you need from the interaction? Start with a BLUF – Bottom Line Up Front. Be clear and specific about what you hope to accomplish..
  • What questions can you ask that create space for your results?

Take a few minutes to define your WHY. Share your BLUF. Knowing and sharing your why will make your conversations more purposeful, meaningful and impactful.

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