Shiny Object Syndrome

There is a trend taking over corporate IS/IT called “Shiny Object Syndrome.” You have seen and heard the technologists who are fascinated by new technology.  Like raccoons, they are constantly in pursuit of the next shiny object.  Recently I was talking with an Associate Director at a Fortune 100 company about my concerns. Not only did he agree with me that he suffered from “Shiny Object Syndrome,” he proudly stated that he brought lots of shiny objects back to the nest for the team to implement.
The issue with Shiny Object Syndrome is that it delivers a solution to a problem or set of requirements that was never defined.  Users are not consulted or engaged until the shiny object is delivered.  The technologists suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome are so delighted with the shiny objects that they lose sight of the value they should be delivering to the end users. The people who are getting buried in shiny objects do not understand their purpose or use them properly.
It’s time to stop the madness and begin with SUCCESS in mind.  What is success?  The technologist raccoon with the most shiny objects does not win a prize.  By understanding what is needed to achieve success and it is possible to identify the people, processes and shiny objects that support accomplishing success. So begin with the clear, complete definition of success and find the shiny object that best accomplishes that definition.

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