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Last Thursday and Friday we attended the annual Global Leadership Summit. We’re using today’s Wednesday’s Wisdom to share some of our learning:
Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook
“Hire BIG”

  • Hire people with unbelievable skills
  • Hire people that you are going to need, the people who will help you get where you need to go

“Candor is Critical” – most organizations fail for reasons everyone knows and no one says.
Marcus Lemonis, CEO Camping World and Good Sam, Star of the Profit
“Business and life is about vulnerability and making a connection; my success is based upon my ability to be vulnerable.”
“As leaders, it’s our responsibility to be stewards of our people. It’s your job to make sure everyone is successful; after all, you hired them.”
Marcus Buckingham, Champion of Strengths
Every human being needs to be part of something bigger than themselves and to feel special. This is the responsibility of leadership.
People want attention (coaching) NOT feedback. Every week, talk to every direct report and ask him or her two questions: First, what are your priorities? Second, how can I help?

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