Seeing Clear of Conflict

All conflict is caused by either resources or misunderstanding. Resource conflict may arise from a lack of resources or prioritization of resources. Misunderstanding conflict occurs when two or more parties fail to understand each other or have different values, assumptions, expectations or points of view.

While you cannot avoid conflict, you can be prepared to deal with it when it happens. Here are three key steps to keep in mind in order to see your way clear of conflict:

  • Stay Objective – when conflict occurs emotions usually begin to ignite and the situation can get explosive. Remove the emotion and focus on the facts.
  • Agree on Something – find common ground. Discuss the facts and determine where there is mutual agreement or disagreement.
  • Look Beyond – to see your way clear of conflict you must see beyond what is creating the conflict. Determine if there is a common goal, outcome or future that everyone can agree on. If you stay stuck in the conflict it becomes like quicksand pulling you in deeper and deeper.

Rather than waiting until you are embroiled in a conflict, mentally prepare yourself in advance to stay objective, agree on something and look beyond to find a resolution to the conflict.

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