Resilience is the ability to deal with adversity, stress and change. It is essential in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Resilience is one of the key qualities required for leading in a VUCA world.
What does it mean to be resilient? When you have resilience you can withstand extreme stress. Resilience enables you to rebuild your life after devastating tragedy or tremendous loss. It can also help you deal with change in your life.
Some aspects of resilience include:

  • Choice – do you see the glass half full or half empty? You choose how to see the world around you. If you choose to live optimistically and see the glass as half full your resilience factor will increase.
  • Concept of Self – are you a survivor or a victim? Your mental mindset will determine your degree of resilience. People with high capacities for resilience don’t just survive they thrive. Thriving is a proactive approach to life that enables you to flourish and prosper. A positive self-concept increases resilience.
  • Control – recognize that there are some things you have control over (yourself and your perspectives) and other things you do not have control over (other people and circumstances) let go of the things you cannot control and put your energy toward areas you can control.

People who are resilient draw on strengths in themselves, their relationships, and their communities to help them overcome adversity, stress and change challenges. Increasing your resilience is critical in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Live a more deeply satisfying life by increasing your resilience

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