Reflection is a powerful tool that can transform your relationships, your career and your life. It can be used anytime, anywhere to develop new ideas, change your direction and maximize your life thrills.
There are just a few more days left in 2015. What were your highs, lows and lessons for the year?
Here are some categories to consider:

  • People – who was added to your life in 2015?  Are there new colleagues, friends and family members to be grateful for?  How have your relationships grown and enriched your life? Reflect on the people in your life and the people you want in your life.  What can you do in 2016 to exponentially improve the relationships in your life?
  • Habits – are your daily actions supporting or subtracting from your success?  You have the power of choice.  All it takes is a decision to make a different choice and change a habit that’s no longer working for you.  Redirecting your habits will change the direction of your life.
  • Experiences – Gallup’s Research indicates that money spent on things is not as valuable as money spent on experiences. Experiences enrich our lives. What experiences did you have in 2015?  Savor them and appreciate what was wonderful about each and every experience.  The value of experiences is the ability to relive them by dancing through your memories.  Consider how you can increase your experience quotient in 2016. You will maximize your thrills when you relive them through reflection.
  • Success – When you look back on the unexpected successes of 2015, consider how you can repeat them. You have a wealth of experience that only benefits you if you use it. When you pay attention to unexpected success, you can leverage the learnings to develop new ideas and achieve even greater levels of success.

Reflect on the people in your life, the habits that define your life, the extraordinary experiences and the unexpected successes of 2015.  Amaze yourself with new ideas, new directions and new life thrills.

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