Three Reasons to Recharge

In five days 2018 will arrive. How is your energy level? For many people this time of year results in exhaustion and overwhelm. We suggest an intentional course of action to recharge.
Here are three reasons to recharge in preparation for the new year:

  1. Effective Learning – When your brain is constantly stimulated you prevent the normal learning processes from occurring. Dr. Loren Frank’s research has shown that downtime (recharging) is what lets the brain go over experiences it has had, solidify them and turn them into permanent long-term memories.
  2. Increased Productivity – Out with the old and in with the new. You can’t be creative, innovative or operate at the same level of productivity when your brain and body are mush!
  3. Reduced Stress – Operating in a constant state of stress causes overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones, which can disrupt almost all of your body’s processes. Recharging is defined as “to invigorate and revitalize one’s energy level by removing stressful agents for a period of time.”

If you agree that recharging is a priority, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Disconnect from your electronics and reconnect with people. Positive relationships are one of the reasons people live longer and healthier lives (see Blue Zones). Invest in building great relationships. Spend time with (the right) people — their presence in your life will recharge your energy battery.
  • Schedule recharging time the same way that you schedule lunch with friends, your workouts or meetings. Each person is different, so tune in to what helps you recharge and do more of it!
  • Move – Exercise can raise the quality of your sleep and boost your mental health, too. It’s ridiculous how many aspects of your life exercise positively impacts! Study after study shows how movement will renew your energy. Just do it!
  • Reflect – What is creating stress? Invigorate and revitalize your energy by removing whatever is creating stress. It may only be for a short time, but if you can create boundaries or eliminate the stressors you will recharge your energy level.

We wish you a restful, restorative, reinvigorating week as you prepare for 2018.

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