Rate Your Leadership

Thoughts on Leaders and Leadership:

  • –  Leadership is not about personality but about providing direction and painting a positive picture of the future! People are not motivated by fear or reward but by ideas that capture their imagination.
  • –   Leadership requires passion – leaders love their people. They unleash the passion of their followers by leading from the heart.
  • –  Leaders over-communicate! It takes time for ideas to sink in. Leaders repeatedly communicate what is important.
  • –  Leaders define success – leaders are explicit about what needs achieved. Your team can’t “do it all.” If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Leaders provide clarity and reduce complexity.
  • –  Leaders hold people accountable – when commitments are made leaders have to show moral toughness and follow through. Nothing erodes a leader’s credibility like a lack of accountability.
  • –  Leaders recognize and reward what’s great – they build on the strengths of their people and their organization.
  • –  Lead the Way (Be the Change) Leaders exemplify the change they expect from others. People will believe not what they hear leaders say but what they see leaders consistently do.

How do you rate? Which area can you improve and enhance your leadership?

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