Progress Matters

We live in a results oriented world. We are measured by what we accomplish and the progress we make. We also get motivated by progress. Think about the last time you tried to lose a few pounds. When the scale showed that you made progress you felt encouraged to continue with the diet or exercise program.
Seeing progress is motivating. As a leader, one of your responsibilities is to help those around you understand and track the progress they are making. Too often people act without tracking progress or movement toward the goal. This deflates energy and saps motivation for achieving the goal.
Here are some tips to ensure that you stay motivated and focused by tracking progress:

  • Have a Specific Goal – you can’t make progress unless you have a clear, measurable goal
  • Simplify – break down the goal into smaller steps so you can see “success” along the way rather than wait until you’ve achieved the ultimate goal
  • Make it Visible – write it down and create a personal progress tracking chart by due date or percent complete
  • Maintain the Chain – a technique for keeping it visible by using a calendar on the wall; put an X or some colorful indication each day that you take action toward your goal; the more marks on the calendar the more      inclined you will be to maintain the chain of progress
  • Tell Someone – share your goal with an accountability partner who will check in with you and ensure that you are making progress

Set your goal, track your progress and get motivated for great success. They say that “you get what you measure.” So get going, track your progress and get motivated!

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